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Organic Food Processing Unit

Organic Food Processing Unit

Indian consumers want safe, nutritious, inexpensive food throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, India's climate limits the production of food for up to six months of the year. Just store the food? Impossible. Once food is harvested, it begins to deteriorate immediately due to the following factors:
micro-organisms (yeast, mould, bacteria);
1.intrinsic enzymes;
4.insects and vermin.
Because of the risk of spoilage, much of our food is processed in some way to increase its availability. A food is considered preserved once it is stabilized with respect to safety and quality. 
It's important to note that no type of food processing can transform poor quality raw materials into good ones. It can only increase the product's shelf life. To ensure that your product meets your high standards:
use the highest quality raw ingredients;
establish good processing techniques-and follow them; and
maintain an appropriate product environment after processing.
Not all processing methods are applied to foods to achieve preservation. Some are also used to change or stabilize food texturally.

Through EcoMitra we intend to:
1.Processing of fruits for preparation of Vitamin Supplements and Convenience Food.
2.Extraction of Oils from Fruit peels, nuts and vegetables for edible and medicinal purpose.
3.Processing of fruits and vegetables for producing Pulps, concentrates and dehydrated cuts and powder.


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